Chewed Up

People often like the idea of a dog, but not the reality of a dog. When someone gets a dog, whether it is a freebee or an expensive import, the person dreams expectations as to what that dog will be. The dream is what the human wants, not what the dog actually has the capabilityContinue reading “Chewed Up”

Waiting in the Wings for the New Normal

Truman loves when people come visit the house. Only two came on July 4. There have not been many visitors since COVID. We are all waiting for normal to come back, but normal is an ethereal concept that changes with each passing instant. Normal is a conundrum. Normal has never changed because it is alwaysContinue reading “Waiting in the Wings for the New Normal”

Fourth of July, 2020 – Our Vision is Clearing

Truman is one of those dogs who could care less about fireworks. He doesn’t like the sound of a cookie sheet hitting tile, but other than that, he is non-plussed by loud noises. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many dogs. You have heard it. Lock them up. I use one of those tightContinue reading “Fourth of July, 2020 – Our Vision is Clearing”

Why Pet Therapy? TREAT

Smiles are the reward for therapy pet work. Dogs may enjoy the touch of human hands more than a smile. Who knows? A dog does understand a smile. Humans cherish a genuine smile from another person. When someone is in a situation where smiles do not flow freely and a therapy dog team provides touchContinue reading “Why Pet Therapy? TREAT”

Therapy Dog and COVID

Truman Blue is reverting to puppyhood. True, at three-and-a-half he is barely past puppy, but six months ago he was willingly compliant. When I take him out now, he wants to play and explore. His journey back to cavorting canine was a short one. We haven’t been visiting since February due to the COVID pandemic.Continue reading “Therapy Dog and COVID”

I’m Vulnerable: New Cozy Series Truman Blue

I am launching my new book series and I am terrified. As one of a zillion wanna-be popular cozy novelists, I am starting at the beginning. I guess that is where everyone starts. I justify the possibility of “no one reads it” with who cares. I write because I love to tell stories. The truthContinue reading “I’m Vulnerable: New Cozy Series Truman Blue”