Growing up Truman Blue

Truman Blue mysteriously defied all odds to become the inspiration for a cozy mystery. The author was permanently heartbroken because of the loss of her soul dog, Timber and vowed to never get another dog (she already had 3). A year-and-a-half later, she started thinking about the possibility and she made an impossible list.

  • Blue merle coloring
  • Big hound type
  • Very responsive to people
  • Therapy dog material
  • Laid back but not lazy
  • An Australian Shepherd mix or possibly a Bloodhound mix

He was listed on Petfinder as an Australian Shepherd/Bloodhound mix. After the author adopted him, she had his DNA analyzed. He did not have a drop of Aussie blood. He is 2/3 Labrador, 1/4 Bloodhound 1/8 Pit bull, 1/8 Boxer, a dash of middle eastern hound…probably greyhound.

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