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Dog Friends at Home

Truman Blue lives with three other dogs. Leala is a quiet dog who has little interactions with the other dogs. It’s not that she’s unfriendly. She is an giving introvert. She was a therapy dog until she got older and it was too much work to walk around and visit a lot of people. She’sContinue reading “Dog Friends at Home”

Dogs of Color

One thing I have never understood is why one color is better than any other. Truman Blue has many colors and mixed together they are awesome. His eyes are blue and dark brown. His coat is cream, gray, white, and black. He has pink and other colors skin. His variety of colors makes him spectacular.Continue reading “Dogs of Color”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Jane. I am known by a lot of names and the only one that sticks all the time is I am Truman Blue’s wrangler, or maybe his human parent, of his best-human. I love to write, paint, draw, and play with dogs and horses. I pretend that I can be philosophical. I have Sjogren’s Disease which is the little sister to Lupus.

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