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Who is that mummified corpse, and why did Margie’s friend get accused of murder? A horse show is supposed to be fun, right?

Shady Sand

It’s a fun beach vacation for Water Tree, Mississippi’s dog loving ladies and their pooches. Or is it? Truman Blue’s human is in a funk. Why?

Book Cover for Cozy Therapy Dog, Connecting the Dots, A Truman Blue Mystery Book 1, Jane McAllen

Connecting the Dots

 Margie Vonn has no desire to investigate a nursing home death. But when no one else listens, Margie and Truman Blue are on it.

Not all those who wander are lost.


Truman Blue is a real-life therapy dog who inspired the creation of the fictional dog with the same name. Margie Vonn is a fictional character created by Jane McAllen. The books are entirely fictional, but Truman never violates the role of a therapy dog.

The books will provide a glimpse into the world of comforting people with therapy dogs. They will make you laugh make you wonder. Quick, fun reads.

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