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Who is Truman Blue?

Truman Blue was adopted as a 13-week-old puppy from Grass Roots Animal Rescue in Starkville, Mississippi in 2017. He is a mixed breed bloodhound, Labrador, with a dash of pitbull, boxer and greyhound or a Bloodlabpitboxhound. He is registered with the American Kennel Club and has earned several AKC tiles including Trick Dog Advanced, Scent Dog, and of course Therapy Dog. On stage he played the role of “the dog” in a local community theater production, “Of Mice and Men”, and has starred in BARK Ranger videos.

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Truman Blue is a real-life therapy dog who inspired the creation of the fictional dog with the same name. Margie Vonn is a fictional character created by Jane McAllen. The books are entirely fictional, but Truman never violates the role of a therapy dog.

The books will provide a glimpse into the world of comforting people with therapy dogs. They will make you laugh make you wonder. Quick, fun reads.

Books about Truman Blue, Therapy Dog


Who is that mummified corpse, and why did Margie’s friend get accused of murder? A horse show is supposed to be fun, right?

A computerize photo of a large tan and black hound on a beach

Shady Sand

It’s a fun beach vacation for Water Tree, Mississippi’s dog loving ladies and their pooches. Or is it? Truman Blue’s human is in a funk. Why?

Book Cover for Cozy Therapy Dog, Connecting the Dots, A Truman Blue Mystery Book 1, Jane McAllen

Connecting the Dots

Margie Vonn has no desire to investigate a nursing home death. But when no one else listens, Margie and Truman Blue are on it

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