Dogs of Color

One thing I have never understood is why one color is better than any other. Truman Blue has many colors and mixed together they are awesome. His eyes are blue and dark brown. His coat is cream, gray, white, and black. He has pink and other colors skin. His variety of colors makes him spectacular. What really counts is the way he interacts with other creatures. He is gentle, he is kind, he is brilliant, and he is comforting. What difference does it make what heritage he is, or his color?

He is tolerant of horses, who he does not quite understand. He is gentle with kitties who are smaller than him. He enjoys the company of other dogs and gets along with all breeds and sizes. He is gracious and comforting to the humans around him.

What difference does color make? Colors are the stuff the earth is made of. The more, the more spectacular.


Published by trumanbluemysteries

Truman Blue is the inspiration for the Truman Blue Mystery, cozy mystery series.

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