About Jane McAllen and Truman Blue

Our History

Jane and Truman are a real life therapy dog team as well as a crises response comfort dog team. Jane has published short stories for 15 years under various names. She has recently started writing cozy mysteries. Jane has an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s Disease which she has imparted on Margie Vonn. Jane has a fondness for bi-eyed animals. Her first horse, and her current horse each had one blue eye and one brown eye. Her first Siberian Husky was also bi-eyed. (1970). When she saw Truman’s puppy picture on Petfinder, she knew he was the pup she had been waiting for.

Truman Blue was adopted as a 13-week-old puppy from Grass Roots Animal Rescue in Starkville, Mississippi in 2017. He is a mixed breed bloodhound, Labrador, with a dash of pitbull, boxer and greyhound. Jane calls him a Bloodlabpitboxhound. He is registered with the American Kennel Club and has earned his Trick Dog Advanced title and of course a Therapy Dog title. He loves to do tricks. He has had a bit of an acting career, playing the role of “the dog” in a local community theater production, Of Mice and Men, and has stared in BARK Ranger videos.

“Just because you think it, doesn’t mean it’s true.”

A fiction writer

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